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סדרה XH

The XH200, XH400/500, XH300, series are designed for applications where the simultaneous regulation of temperature and humidity is essential: maturing cabinets / rooms for cheese sausages and salami, warm cabinets and... The XH200 series is designed for refrigeration having relays evaporator fans and defrost management. De-humidification is by means of the cooling circuit of the room. A relay is provided to control humidification. The XH400/500 series are designed for breadmaking, particularly for retarder / prover cabinets. The controllers are simple to program and can automatically control all the functions of retarding / proving, freezing and proving. The operator can pre-determined the time at which they want the dough to be ready, so as soon as they arrive, baking can begin. Maturing cabinets for sausages and salami are an excellent application for the XH300 series thanks to running and stopping cycles and the possibility to disable humidity control during some working phases.