Performance & design for your cold room

Dixell, with the XLR100 Cool Mate series, presents a new range of electronic controllers, compact format, designed for the industrial and commercial. They are decicated to the static or forced air cold rooms.

They are provided with all those features that made Dixell controllers successful:
- 20A compressor relay
- Defrost made via RTC
- Light integrated with door switch facility
- Big LED and buzzer for alarm
- HACCP function
- HOT KEY programming device
- Direct access to the functions
- Easy and quick wiring connection

The easy and complete interface, with wide display (h 30,5mm) and integrated icons, monitors and shows continuously loads and apparatus status, giving in real time all the functioning indications of loads
Thanks to the new format, powerful relays have been fitted in the controller
This means they can now control directly, without external contactors, the most common loads used in the cold rooms:
- compressor (20A)
- defrost (16A SPDT)
- fan (8A)
- light (16A)
- alarm (8A SPDT)
- auxiliary: door heaters/second compressor (20A)
Wide buttons have been designed for an easy use
The front cover makes the wiring very simple
The new case makes the installation quick and easy. It can be mounted both on a panel or on a wall