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Wall / Panel mounting housing kit for vertical keyboards (V600 and V800 series), white color

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V-KIT/W - Refrigeration controllers
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For remote connection to XW200K and XW500K Series refrigeration controllers.

The Dixell V-KIT allows the user to mount the keyboard near to the cold-room door. Connection between the power board (eg. XW270K) and the keyboard is via a 2 core cable.
The maximum distance possible is 100m. The door-switch facility is activated when the door is open, the light is automatically switched on, while the compressor, up to 1.5HP, and the evaporator fan can be simultaneously stopped.

The innovative design of this housing gives a quick and effective solution for a variety of different applications, such as cold-rooms, benches and industrial environments where it is difficult to mount the keyboard on a wall. It's available in 3 different colours making it suitable for all applications,even where appearance plays part. A main feature is ease of assembly and with IP55 protection, it can be used in environments that may be subject to water spray or rigorous cleaning routines.

- Designed for cold rooms applications
- IP55 against water sprinkles
- Easy and quick to install
diagram - V-KIT/W - Refrigeration controllers
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