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Data recording module for normal, medium and low temperature

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XDL01 - Refrigeration controllers
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- The XDL is a temperature and status recording module for refrigerating applications that works in accordance to HACCP rules. It works with Dixell instruments equipped with the serial output or combined with XJDL40D probe module. Monitoring of temperature, alarms and digital inputs is simple and intuitive, and data can be easily downloaded on a USB key

- Connection to Dixell controllers that are provided with serial output (through PW-DL)

- Stand-alone operation in a 4 DIN module (XJDL40D provided with 4 NTC probes, 4 DI and 1 relay output)

- Fast and simple mounting

- Recorded data download on a USB key: txt format that can also be displayed in EXCEL

- Data recording: up to 1 year with sampling up to 16 minutes (settable)

- TTL and RS485 inputs with internal converter (on PW-DL or XJDL40D)
- 4VA max power absorption

- Dual display with red LED (8,0mm high) and yellow LED (5,6mm high) and 13 icons
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